Who are we?

V2M Solutions has a small, dedicated team of technical, design and business professional, dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients.

We strive to bring to all visitors and existing clients a level of service that is unparalleled in the industries we serve.

Since 1998 we have influenced and brought, honest, ethical, fair priced business services,  creative skills, hardware support, network structure design and supplies, to our clients.

Core Values

V2M Web Solutions is a company devoted to developing the potential within all who come into contact with it.

Our mission is to help people create innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve their personal and business lives.

We motivate and encourage others to achieve personal and professional fulfilment to their full potential.

Our motto is:  We believe that singularly the best in each, globally enriches all of us.

We offer something familiar, individually tailored.”


We believe that our client’s success and growth directly influences our success and growth.

Our clients are our most important point of reference when it comes to us being inspired and creative.

We strive for our clients success and growth.

Services on Offer

From domain registration to enhance your online presence, we help you to have a fun experience while you learn and grow.

We take away the burden of getting to know service applications that do not form part of your core business, freeing your time for the important things like running and growing your business.

YOUR SUCCESS is our Goal and directly relates to our growth and satisfaction in doing business.

Our successful existence is directly influenced by our client’s success, the satisfaction of our service, and our mutual growth with a realistic budget and outcome expectations. We pride ourselves on understanding most business disciplines with an ability to translate visions to working media solutions.

On offer are a variety of services to our clients including:

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Web development
  4. Online App development
  5. Business Marketing Consulting
  6. IT Consulting
  7. Specialised Code Development
  8. Paid (PPC) SEO Campaigns and Organic SEO specialists
  9. Free Project advise to all our customers
  10. Project management

All that is required is for you to contact us and we will do the rest for you and your business.

Don't be a stranger - contact us


We would love to hear your story and would be honoured to be part of you journey.

Together let’s have fun with your journey. Let’s move towards the success you deserve.

V2M (Virtual to Media) is with you, every step of the way, let’s partner in your success.

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