Start - Domain Registration

Starting your online presence begins with domain registration.

To register a domain, enter a prefered name you would like for your domain and click the search button.

A list of domains appears below the domain search bar, look at them all carefully, as the domain extension attached to the search results will affect the domain pricing of the purchase.

If you find a domain name you would like to use then click on the order now button to place the order in your basket. The process on the South African facility or this site is not automated so once you have chosen your domain name, the order now must be clicked to insert the domain name into the order.

Once the order and payment is received the domain will be registered completing the domain order process.

You may want to choose the free options such as WordPress installation, which we can set up for you and send you instructions to complete the installation.

More products can be chosen before placing your order for your domain registration, in this way, we will receive and process the entire order at the same time.

Variations to the order process:-

  1. After you have selected your domain name and clicked on the purchase button the domain will be added to the shopping cart.
  2. On check out of the shopping cart items, if you do not have an account with us,  you will have to open an account.
  3. Your account information is required for the domain registration with the domain registrar as the domain owner.
  4. As your domain will be hosted on our server we V2M will be the registered technical contact for the domain registration. This registration is needed for the domain registration to be done under your name or company name.
  5. You will receive an email upon the successful registration of your domain. The email will contain a password enabling you to gain access to access the domain control panel Called KonsoleH

The domain Control Panel will allow you to do the following:

  1.  View your domain and hosting package detailsKonsoleH Options
  2. Manage services such as MySQL, PHP config and other useful services
  3. Statistical Reporting such as AWStats
  4. Manage eMail accounts for your hosting package