Difference Between Domains, Hosting Packages, and a Website

What is a DOmain, Host, website

The difference between a domain name, hosting package, and a Website.

There seems to be a certain amount of confusion about the differences between these three facilities.

This confusion we have noticed, originates with newcomers into the ownership of a website.

Domain names, host packages, and the website, are all needed to achieve an online presence.

They are all registered normally with one Company, but have different performance tasks.

Therefore, logic dictates that they are all linked in some way.

Let’s look at the relationship in these terms and facilities.

Domain Name

A domain name is an address, allowing access to your online facility. It is your website address similar in function to a real-world address. A domain name is normally referred to as the URL.

A domain name or URL, is the address with which the browser programs find and access a website.

When a person types the domain name into the browser address bar, for example [amazon.com], the browser sends this address to the world wide web. If the address exists all the content that is available for the domain name, is transferred to the browser on the local machine.

Domains contain everything that makes up the website, that is all the pages, images, videos, sound files, and so on, which are hosted or should I say stored in a hosting Package.

Hosting Packages

Host package is space allocated to your domain name, on a web server’s Hard drive, which stores all the pages, images, documents, and database that form the structure of your website.

You can have a hosting package registered without a domain name, but this is wasting financial resources, and not recommended.

When the hosting package is activated for a domain, then it allows for the registration of email addresses in the domain name. For example, yourname@your domainname. com.

The collection of pages and other material stored within the hosting package, on the server’s hard drive, is referred to as the website.

Without a hosting package to house the website, visitors to the internet will not be able to view the website, even if your Personal Computer containing the website is connected to the internet.

Summing up, not one of these services can exist without the other, to allow for a website to be published and viewed on the internet.

One can have a domain name registered, without a hosting package, however, a website will not be accessible without the hosting package.

No one will know of the domain, except for the authority that holds the domain registration, and the domain owner.


You can purchase a hosting package but without a domain, it is just a waste of money, as mentioned before.

A Website can be created independently to a domain and hosting package, but without a domain name and host package, it will not be viewed by internet users.

The only way to be published on the internet is to have a domain name, first of all, secondly a hosting package to host your website, and finally the developed website, then you are good to go online.


A domain name can be registered independently, with a different company to where the Hosting Package is created.

A Hosting Package may be created and registered without a domain name.

A Website can be created and viewed on a personal computer, independently to a domain name, or hosting package.

The only way to make it all come together, is to have all three available on the hosting server, only then can you consider your website published.

The relationship in simple English is the domain is linked to the hosting package, which stores the website content.

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