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Domain Registration1

Register with V2M

The registrations process requires us to capture your personal information, if you are unsure of what happens with the information you provide us please read our Privacy Policy.

The initial registration and sign in page can be found HERE.

Once Registration is Complete

Hosting Hand Server Centre V2MAfter registration please sign in and complete your personal details, this is required information for the domain Registration Authority to have on record that the domain belongs to you and your company.

The next step is to inform your current host provider of your intent to move the domain and request V2M Web Solutions Pty Ltd to initiate the domain transfer you would have to log in to your domain control panel and alow the transfer from there. Next by using the form provided initiate the instruction to V2M Web Solutions to being the transfer process.

If you are running multiple email accounts on your facility, we would require a detailed email message, which should include the email account and the relative password for the account.

At the same time you can order the type of hosting package you would want for your facility, you can do this from HERE.

Once you have bought your hosting package, and have sent the email list to us we will be able to create the email accounts on the hosting package.

You may have a running website, on the server you use and if so you have to request the current host provider or developer to either:

  • Give access user name and password to the domain as administrator to our support team or,
  • supply you with a complete backup of your site including any database your site may be using.

After successful Transfer

Dificult RoadsThe successful transfer is marked by the welcome email from V2M Web Solutions Pty. Ltd support team, who will supply you with details on how to access the domain control panel KonsoleH.

From this panel you can access Domain Details, Manage Services, get Statistical Reports, setup and manage email accounts.

Please follow the links provided to acquire the knowledge on how to use KonsoleH.

You may also want to develop a new website, in this instance talk to our support team and they will setup a development hosting platform for the development to take place on.

Leave your comments below of your impressions of this article and telling us how we can improve our service.

Updated on 25 May 2021