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Popular domains registration and renewal costs R79 / year
.com R169 / year
.africa R389 / year


Other domains registration and renewal costs
.tv R679 / year .org R219 / year
.net R219 / year R319 / 2 years
.info R259 / year R79 / year
.biz R239 / year .capetown R219 / year
.de R159 / year .eu R139 / year
.durban R219 / year .mobi R249 / year
.joburg R219 / year .co R409 / year
.cc R589 / year
Registration is the same as Renewal Costs
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A Domain name is the name or website address by which your venture will be known on the internet. Making a good decision on your domain name is important, for example, do not call your domain “building supplies” if you are selling “taps and plumbing fixtures”, rather call your domain “tap bazaar”,  “all taps” or “tapsnall”.

The chances that your domain name is already taken are good but do not make this situation a deal-breaker

A domain name is different to website hosting, a domain name as mentioned before is the address, where all the website files will be store and made available to the internet.

If you can register a .com then go for it,  but it is more important to get your SEO or Online Marketing, well thought out and applied to give a better chance of success, and being found, not necessarily the domain extension that makes the difference.

There are two main types of SEO Organic, and PPC (pay per click). Depending on your budget and requirements will influence your decision on which one to use.

Let’s get you registered.


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